Secured Document Upload

Most documents and forms can be submitted through the Secure File Upload on Joe'SS to safeguard and protect your information. 

Completing the w-9S form:

1.      Complete Part 1 of the W-9S form only- (Name, Address, TIN/SSN)

2.      The Taxpayer Identification Number is also known as Social Security Number

3.      No Signature is required on the W-9S form

4.      If you do not have a TIN/SSN no further action is needed from you.  You will however keep receiving email notifications as required by Law


You are able to access the Secure File Upload through the Student Center in Joe'SS (Self Service>Student Center>Secure File Upload). Once you have opened the secure file upload portal, you will complete the following steps to submit documents:

    1. Select the appropriate Office/Department. To submit the W-9S form you will need to select the "Office of the Registrar" option from the drop down menu
    2. The correct document type will be identified in your checklist in Joe'SS or in the communications requesting the documentation.
    3. If you would like to include any additional information when submitting a document, you can add comments or notes in the available box.
    4. You can then click the "Add Attachment" button to attach the document you wish to upload. 

There are a couple requirements in order to successfully upload your documents/forms. 

    • Only acceptable file types can be submitted through the secure file upload. These include: .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .doc file types.
    • Files cannot exceed 16 MB (megabytes) 
    • Files cannot have unusual or special characters in the file name (for example: * % @ ! &)

 After uploading a document/form, you will receive an email confirming successful upload.    

 If you are unable to use the secure file upload, the W-9S can be submitted to the Cashier’s office by mail: G4 Parker Hall-300 W. 13th St- Rolla, MO 65409.