Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan

Student Health Services
Student Health Services at Missouri S&T provide health education and acute, non-urgent medical services to any currently enrolled Missouri S&T student. Because we are funded directly by student fees, we are restricted to caring only for currently enrolled Missouri S&T students. We do not bill third-parties, but do attempt to meet the criteria of various health insurance policies to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. SHS strongly recommends all students carry health insurance to cover procedures not available here.

Health Insurance Coverage:
Student Accident & Sickness Insurance coverage is available from Aetna Student Health to all registered students at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Enrollment and premium information is available at


You may enroll in the plan on-line, by going to: Select "Enroll" and follow the instructions.

Questions regarding the receipt of premium or verification of coverage under this insurance plan may be answered by contacting Aetna Student Health at
Toll Free 1-877-375-7905; or