Employee Tuition Assistance

The UM System supports employees and their families who choose to continue their education. Faculty and staff who choose to pursue or continue their college education—as well as eligible spouses and dependents—can receive assistance at any of the universities within the UM System. Please refer to the UM HR Total Rewards web page for additional information.

How to enroll

  1. Complete an application for admission and get accepted to the classes you want to take.
  2. Complete the Educational Assistance and Tuition Reduction Form, available in the HR Request Portal (you will need to log in with your University ID and password).
  3. You have to submit a new form for each student enrolling–and you have to complete the form each and every semester that you want assistance. 
    • You must request assistance by the following deadlines, depending on the semester or session for which you’re requesting assistance. You can’t get assistance after the semester/session ends.4
      • Fall semester- October 1
      • Spring semester- March 1
      • Summer semester- July 1
    • Follow the instructions on the form itself for submitting it and getting approval.
  4. If you are seeking tuition assistance for a spouse/dependent for the first time, please be aware that proof of relationship will be required. Visit the forms and guides list for educational/tuition assistance to access the proof of relationship requirements for children, spouses, and Sponsored Adult Dependents, as well as the Sponsored Adult Dependent form should you need it. Or contact your Campus Benefits Representative or the HR Service Center to find out if proof of relationship is already on file with the Office of Human Resources.
  5. The employee will receive an email notification from UM HR Requests referencing "Tuition Assistance Request Received" in the subject line