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Welcome to the S&T Cashier's Office!

We coordinate student financial account information such as assessment and collection of student tuition and fees, monthly student billing, payment processing, student refund processing, and more.

Getting started: Use the links below to help better understand your student financial account, but please contact us with any questions you may have.

Student Financial Account Information

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees are assessed per credit hour based on Residency Status (Missouri Resident, NonMissouri Resident or International) and Level (Undergraduate or Graduate).  The link below provides access to the Current Fee Schedules for the Academic Year.  

Current Fee Schedules


Distance Students are assessed at a different rate and can find additional information on the Distance Education page:

Distance Education Tuition

Tuition and Related Fees:

Tuition and related fees are the main fees that a university charges for instruction. At Missouri S&T, the Board of Curators sets these fees annually and they are charged for enrollment in any credit course.  Separate tuition rates are established by student level (undergraduate and graduate), residency status (Missouri resident, domestic non-resident, and international students), and by the student's degree plan.  Tuition tiers correspond to the market and cost of delivering the degree, factoring in the cost of specialized facilities, equipment, and faculty.

S&T offers a plateau (a flat rate charge) for undergraduate students who take 12-18 credit hours per semester.  By removing the financial barrier of enrolling in additional courses within the plateau, you can enroll into fuller course loads (15 hours vs. 12 hours) and graduate on time.  Credit hours outside of that range will be assessed at 1/12 of the flat rate.  This structure allows you take exploratory courses at no additional cost.  Students should continue to work with their academic advisors to create course schedules most appropriate to their learning needs and programs of study.  If you are enrolled in a graduate program, you will continue to be assessed on a per credit hour basis.

Students will pay the tier rate for their degree plan as of the last day of the 100% refund period for the term.  If a student changes major after that day, the billing tier will not update.  If a student has declared two majors, the plateau and tier rate still applies.  Students will pay according to the degree plan with the highest tier rate of their selected majors. 

Charges for tuition and related fees change annually based on the approved rates, the number of credit courses taken, and the student's degree plan.  

International Tuition Rates

The University of Missouri Board of Curators approved a new tuition rate for graduate international students that is above the non-resident (out-of-state) rate. This additional tuition revenue will help fund services the university provides to its international students to help them be successful on campus as well as partially funding scholarships for international students.

Activity Facility Fee:
The Activity Facility Fee is voted and approved by the student body allocating money to student organizations and activities.  This fee also allows students access to the recreation and fitness centers and admission to home athletic contests.  For specific allotments, please see the Student Council website (

Health Service Fee:

The Health Service Fee provides students with access to health and wellness services offered by two departments, Student Health Services and Student Well-Being.  Student Health Services ( ensures students are healthy and miss as little class time as possible due to illness.  They act as non-emergency urgent care and provide services such as illness and injury treatment, immunizations, well-woman exams, STI testing, medication management, travel consults, allergy injections, sport/orthopedic injuries, and more.  Additionally, the Health Service Fee supports Student Health Service programs such as monitoring student immunization compliance and managing communicable disease outbreaks (such as COVID-19).  Student Well Being ( empowers students to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally.  They provide individual and group counseling services (provided by licensed counselors), one-on-one wellness consultations and coaching sessions, peer-led education and support programming, group trainings, bystander intervention education, and more.  Additionally, Student Well-Being offers virtual counseling visits within the state of Missouri.  All students have 24/7 access to online resources, some of which can be found using Health and Well-Being Resource Directory ( and using the urgent/crisis resource page ( 

Academic Testing Fee:

An Academic Testing Fee was implemented spring 2014 to allow Missouri University Of Science and Technology to provide the on-line Fundamental of Engineering (FE) exam and to accommodate the growth for testing services not restricted to engineering related testing. This is a mandatory charge for all students classified as a Sophomore, Junior and Senior.  The fee is $25.00 per semester for a Senior; $15.00 per semester for a Junior and $7.00 per semester for a Sophomore. For more information please visit the Testing Center at

Each Year Students will sign the Statement of Financial Responsibility outlining their financial obligation to Missouri S&T.  The link below is an example of what students will be asked to sign.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Each time you add a new course, you will be charged for the full cost of the course. This cost will be the same before the last day to add classes as it would be if you added the course before the semester begins.

Any student within the plateau tuition (12-18 hours) who adds or drops a course but still remains at 12-18 hours will not see any tuition adjustment.

If you drop a class, the amount you will be reassessed changes depending on when during the semester you drop. The reassessment dates are:

  • 100% refund through First week of classes
  • 50% refund weeks 2-4
  • 25% refund weeks 5-8
  • No refund applied weeks 9-16

These dates are outlined in the academic dates and deadlines each semester, and can be found on the Registrars webpage

Billing Information

Billing Due Dates By Semester 

FALL SEMESTER                             SPRING SEMESTER                                 SUMMER SEMESTER
     August 10                                          January 10                                                May 10
  September 10                                       February 10                                              June 10
    October 10                                            March 10                                                 July 10
   November 10                                           April 10                                            


Students will receive an e-mail notification each month when the electronic billing statement is available. Students also have the option to set-up authorized users (parents, spouse, etc.) who will also receive a monthly email notification when your e-bill statement is available.  The email sent to authorized users will have the link to view your billing statement and will be accessed with the user ID & password that was established during set-up. If you only pay the minimum amount each month according to the payment options listed above a 1% finance charge will be assessed on any balance carrying to the next billing cycle.  Failure to make a payment by the due date will result in a $10.00 Late Fee. 






Once you receive your email notification that a billing statement is ready to view you will need to login to your TouchNet account through Joe'SS to view the PDF of you billing statement.  On your billing statement you can find your minimum amount due each month.

The link below will provide step by step instructions for accessing your monthly student billing statement.

How to View your Billing Statement

Between billing cycles you can find your current account activity and real time balances under your Account Activity in TouchNet.

Login to Joe’SS using your user name and password

Navigate to the Finance Tile in your Student Center.


Select the Proceed to TouchNet link

You will be re-directed to the secure auth webpage, reenter your user name and password to continue to TouchNet. Make sure you are allowing Pop-ups to continue to TouchNet. From the TouchNet homepage click the view activity button under the student account section:


 On the Account Activity page, you will be able to see all semesters with account activity. Click on the arrow next to the semester you wish to view to populate the details for each semester.

Payment Information

Online payment through TouchNet is the quickest way for a payment to post to the student account.  Students can access their TouchNet account through their Joe'SS Finance Information tile.  See Step-by-step instructions on creating a payment profile and making a TouchNet payment How to Make a Payment. Payments can be made by eCheck which is free, or by Debit/Credit card, but an additional 2.85% processing fee is assessed on Debit/Credit Card Payments 


Returned Checks:  If a check is returned by your bank unpaid, either paper or electronic, there will be an additional service charge of $20.00. If the check is in payment of a students registration and remains unpaid after the close of regular registration and late registration fee will be assessed.

Personal payments (checks, money orders, cashiers checks) can be dropped off in the Cashiers drop box located in G4 Parker Hall.  Please make sure to include the student ID number with the payment so when processed the payment will be applied to the correct student account.


Returned Checks:  If a check is returned by your bank unpaid, either paper or electronic, there will be an additional service charge of $20.00. If the check is in payment of a students registration and remains unpaid after the close of regular registration and late registration fee will be assessed.

Missouri University of Science & Technology has partnered with TransferMate in order to streamline the process of international payments. 

TransferMate lets you make international payments to Missouri S&T in your own currency while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates. If you're an international student or parent you can use this secure, payment method during your online payment process. 

        What are the benefits?  

  • Faster payment posting to your student account  
  • Local currency payment methods  
  • Great exchange rates  
  • 24-hour customer service from TransferMate  
  • 24-hour online tracking of payments 

To make your payment, visit:


If you have a 529 college savings plan, you must initiate the payment from your financial institution and a check will be mailed to the cashiers office. You will usually need to allow 10-14 days for processing before your payment will reach us.

Checks can be mailed to the address listed below and payable to “Missouri S&T”.  Please ensure the check references the student’s 8-digit ID number and First/Last Name

Missouri S&T Cashier's Office

300 W. 13th Street

G-4 Parker Hall
Rolla, MO  65409-1190



If you are mailing a check for payment please include the student ID number with the payment.  Payment can be mailed to:

Missouri S&T Cashier's Office

300 W. 13th Street
G-4 Parker Hall
Rolla, MO  65409-1190



Payments can be made to the student account by credit card by clicking here. To use this service, payers will need the student's ID number and date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy). You will enter the payment amount, credit card information and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Due to compliance with FERPA (privacy restrictions), payers will not be given any financial information. The student will need to share the amount due with the payer.


Student Account Refunding

Student accounts that have a credit balance caused by an overpayment, reduced enrollment, etc. will be issued a student refund. Student fee refunds can be received by direct deposit or paper check.

Refunds processed by Direct Deposit typically take 3-5 days after the refund has been issued for you to receive the money in your bank account. If any refund is Rejected by your bank or for Failed Attempts, then a check will be issued and mailed to the address you have on file in JOE’SS- Local, Mailing or Permanent. Checks are only cut on Tuesdays and mailed the following day.

Direct deposit for student fee refunds can be set-up by completing the payment profile set-up on the students TouchNet account. Parents can also elect to have their Parent Plus loans refunded to their account through the Authorized user access on TouchNet.

Step-By-Step Instructions for setting up direct deposit can be found below:

Direct Deposit Set-up Instructions

If direct deposit information is not set up in TouchNet, a paper check will be issued to the student.  The address used is maintained by the student on Joe’SS.  Address hierarchy for refunds is Local- Mailing-Permanent.


Refund checks are printed on Tuesday nights and will be mailed out the following day. If you would like to receive your refund the fastest way possible, we encourage you to sign up for direct deposit using the instructions listed above.

Fee Schedules

View the current tuiton and fees avaliable.

Explanation of Fees

Questions about charges on your student account?  


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Use our helpful FAQ to learn more!


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For in person drop offs, please use the cashier drop box (located across from the vending machines in Parker Hall-G4). Items will be collected daily.

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