Priority of Funding Sources

Third party billing is a payment agreement between a student, the University and the student’s sponsor.  The sponsor is an outside source that takes responsibility for all or a portion of the student’s tuition and fees.  The student is responsible to work with their sponsor to provide the University with written authorization that minimally specifies the amount and kind of fees the sponsor will pay and for what period. 

 This same student could be eligible for awards (i.e. graduate waivers, scholarships, etc.) funded by the University and in situations where there are multiple funding sources, University funds should be used last.  Third party sponsorship should be considered the primary support for payment of tuition and fees. 

 Tuition will not be reduced by graduate waivers for students employed as graduate assistants (GRAs, GTAs, GAs) that are also sponsored by a third party entity.   The full amount of tuition and fees, allowed by the sponsor authorization, will be contracted on the student fee account and billed to the third party sponsor.

 The Cashiers Office will follow the guidelines above when applicable, in an effort to assist our students, while remaining cognizant of University resources. 


As of March 23, 2018